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Athletic Requirements/Responsibilities


Minimum of 2.0 GPA on 10 and 20 week grading periods.

Student Athletes must be in enrolled in a minimum of 20 credits.

Student Athletes must be in class on the day of the athletic contests.

Annual Medical/Health Physical

All student-athletes must attain an annual physical completed by a medical physician (not nurse, chiropractor, etc)

All physical forms must be Marquez High School approved forms. The coaches will have copies available.

All questions must be answered and doctor's must stamp and sign the forms.
All students participating in tryouts must now have a physical completed prior to actual tryouts per CIF rules and regulations.
            Physical exams must be submitted at least 4 day prior to try-outs.
Proof of Insurance
All student-athletes must have valid medical insurance to participate.

The student's name must be on the copy of the card or;
School insurance may also be purchased. (www.studentinsurance-kk.com)



Student-athletes must keep the uniform number they are assigned at the beginning of the season and at no time may they change their uniform with a teammate without permission of the coach.


Student-athletes must wash and care for their uniform after each contest.

(Please launder uniform according to directions on tag. Wash all uniforms in COLD water).


At no time may a student-athlete alter or change the original shape or form of the uniform.


If I fail to return any piece of the uniform assigned to me or if I return the uniform damaged, I understand that I will pay Marquez high school the full dollar amount of the uniform, or if required, a cleaning fee.


I understand that if I have not returned a uniform(s) or paid what I owe then I forfeit my opportunity to participate in school activities and/or participate with any extracurricular club or athletic team. Including, but not limited to: school dances, athletic teams, intramural sports, field trips and graduation ceremony.  The school may also withhold grades, transcripts, and diploma.



Athletic Paperwork
MUST BE DONE Online through 
Click  Athletic Clearance for details.
below are copies of the forms ONLY FOR YOUR RECORDS